DataFest 2018

DataFest 18

  • 296 student participants
  • 32 majors
  • 5 Branch campuses
  • 4 Great Colleges and Universities from 3 surrounding States.
  • Analyzing 2.59GB of data provided to us by


Teams were judged in four specific areas, Visualization, Creativity, Insight, and Communication/Presentation.

Winning presentations were judged to be visually insightful and compelling; exhibiting a unique element of creativity; while offering an unexpected and surprising view of the data; communicated effectively and with focus, and finally able to hold the attention of both the judges and the audience.

First Place

Tilted Towers
Tilted Towers
Alex Chen
Jay Deng
Andrew Yang
Jeffery Cao
Cuyler Luck

Second Place

Analytical Assassins
Analytical Assassins
Jacqueline Markle
Harsha Polisetty
Ashish Chauhan
Karpagalakshmi Rajagopalan
Dhara Thakkar


Brian Nguyen
Kyle Bradley
Wen Tao Wan

The Choomas
The Choomas
Austin Gongora
Rommel Kamakaya da Silva


Rachel Shi
Liangyu Zhang
Bo Liu
Hai Huang
Jiahua Ma

Panel Awards for Best Visualization

The Choomas
Austin Gongora
Rommel Kamakaya da Silva

R is the Best
Yuxin Zhang
Luwei Lei
Youg-Do Kim
Zhenyuan Yuan
Yingjie Wang

Weekend Warriors
Dan Xiao
Tianxing Jiang
Zijing Cui
Tianhao Wang
Yijia Chen